Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Triangle quilt: all quilted

I've developed tiny calluses on my stitching fingers, little points of toughened skin from pushing and pulling and wrestling a tiny needle through layer after layer of quilt. The quilting's done. It feels like it's taken quite a while but maybe it's been a month or two, with an hour here and there, stitching triangle after triangle and line after line and wrangling all the fabric in this direction and that.

I ended up choosing a similar simple quilting pattern to my baby sampler quilt, stitching parallel lines along the triangle seams. I left the 'planets' un-quilted, but might need to stitch in the ditch at some stage if the patches of un-quilted fabric start to slip and wrinkle too much.

Because of my uneven stitching and obviously dodgy measuring skills, there was some trimming to be done: a few centimetres here and hardly any there. There was also some seriously awkward trimming around the back piece I had to add in to stretch the black fabric (and make it a little pretty), essentially seams I couldn't cut and will have to fold and stitch into the binding.

The quilting is far from perfect. Because of my bright idea to add in the back piece and not pay a lot of attention in the early stages of quilting, I ended up with these ugly patches on some of the coloured planets on the back. I managed to quilt around the ones with the lightest coloured fabric though, so from a distance, it isn't obviously hideous. Lesson learned there.

On to the binding. And then I'm done. Eeep!

Are you in the middle or near the end of a big project?

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  1. wow - you did this all by hand. That is so incredible and gorgeous to boot. Well done you. I have loads of projects on the go - I just need to actually finish a few lol xx


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