Friday, August 9, 2013

New Songs on a Saturday Morning (691-700)

As part of my ongoing effort to improve the range of my cultural consumption, I'm casting out for new things to listen to. Part one and an explanation of this musical escapade can be found here.

691. April Smith and the Great Picture Show - 'Movie Loves A Song' - Oh my goodness. This song is exactly why I started this project so many, many months (years?) ago. It's listed in various places as folk rock and indie pop but I'm not altogether sure it's any of those things but then I'm sure it's all of them. It's that modern folk that abounds these days but less woodsy and more girly. April Smith's voice is lovely - just wait for that note at the end.
692. April Smith and the Great Picture Show - 'Terrible Things' - Great. Ms Smith sounds a touch like Gwen Stefani a la a No Doubt here.
693. April Smith and the Great Picture Show - 'Dixie Boy'.
694. Idina Menzel - 'No Day But Today' - I saw this lady performing in Rent in London many, many years ago. She was blonde. She mooed. When I heard her singing this - a song she was singing as an ensemble piece back then - I was a bit stumped. But she's good. Always was.
695. Alicia Keys - 'Tears Always Win' - Love the old school vibe.
696. John Legend - 'Made to Love'.
697. Club des Belugas - 'Straight to Memphis' - Loved 'Hip Hip Chin Chin', this is pretty good too.
698. The Afters - 'What We're Here For'. Blecch.
699. Charlotte Martin - 'Veins' - That raw, home-done percussion is fantastic.
700. Pink (feat Lily Allen) - 'True Love' - Hehe.


  1. I just love Alicia Keys so much. x

    1. I am on and off with Alicia Keys - I find some of her songs quite ordinary and some just plain magnificent.


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