Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sunset over the ocean? Tick.

So I flew away for a night and a day and a night and a day and a night and a day. I left Dear Boy overnight for the first time in his life and flew to the other side of the country. I delivered my paper. I spoke on a panel. I networked (as well as I am able). I had an uncomfortable taxi ride with a colleague I don't know well. So that's one of my 2013 resolutions scratched off.  

There was some little luxuries, though. I had a queen sized bed with crisp ironed sheets and a pillow buffet. I had a bubble bath in a tub so big I couldn't touch the end with my feet. I woke to the alarm on my phone. I ordered room service. 

And then I did this. I caught a train a few stations north and watched the sun set over the ocean, crunching onto the sand in my big black boots. The clouds were lit on fire. The rain out over the water was caught in streaks of light. The water glowed. That's No. 3 on my Before I Go list, right there. 

Oh, and another one to check off No. 2. Only three more states and territories to go. 


  1. How good is the overnight sleep without anybody bothering you?! I love my little guys desperately but I'm starting to go a little loopy with all the night waking...

    1. It was fabulous the first two nights - even selected some awesome pillows from the pillow-bar and got housekeeping to send them up. How ridiculous is that? Didn't sleep at all well the last night though. Maybe I was retraining myself for coming home.

  2. Oh yeahhhh to big beds to yourself, crisp sheets and sunsets over the ocean. Looks perfect hun and well done on crossing off that list ;) xx

    1. And even better... the bed was magically made every single night.


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