Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Tricks (11/26): Amusing myself while folding shirts.

Lovely Husband loves black t-shirts. He has a million of them with lots of different pictures and messages, and occasionally deliberate about what statement he wants to make today: 'No, I will not fix your computer' is a favourite in those cases. Here is one of his shirts on holiday:

And here's Dear Boy wearing the one that'll feature in today's New Tricks post:

He was about seven months old there. What a cutie.

All of these t-shirts means there's an awful lot of t-shirt folding going on. When there's folding going on at all that is, given our tendency to turn the couch into a remote wardrobe/chest of drawers for long periods of time. When we are taken to folding though, it takes a while to get through all the t-shirts. My usually MO is to stack them all in a pile, face down, fold over the sleeves and sides, bring up the back and ta-dah - the front message/picture is perfectly displayed so Lovely Husband doesn't have to go unfolding everything to find the particular black t-shirt he wants.

It takes a long time, especially if you want to avoid future ironing. It takes time to put them all in a pile; it takes time to fold, etc. Each shirt, I'd reckon, would take around a minute or two all up/ on average. So, when I found this video, I thought I'd give it a try, even if just to amuse myself for a little while.

I can't speak Japanese but the gist of it is this:

1. Place the t-shirt front/picture side up.
2. Pinch the fabric right about where the nipple is or level with the bottom of the sleeve.
3. From that point, draw an imaginary line to the top of the shirt and pinch there as well (x-marks this spot on the Bazinga t-shirt).

4. Here's the tricky part (and the photo's a little unhelpful cause I only have two hands and you now have both hands pinching the t-shirt). That imaginary line you drew up to the top of the shirt, you now want to draw down to the bottom hem as well. Take your right hand that's pinching the top of the shirt near the collar and draw it down to that imaginary point at the bottom hem. You're effectively crossing over your arms. Don't let go of the nipple pinch (hehehe - nipple pinch).

5. Now holding the top and bottom hems in your right hand, pull the left hand/nipple pinched fabric out from underneath, essentially uncrossing your arms.
6. Give it a little shake if you need to, but you'll essentially be holding something that looks like this (again, only two hands, so I've laid mine on the ground).

7. All that's left is to fold that last part underneath. And ta-dah.

Once you get the hang of it, it's really very quick - maybe about 15-30 seconds per shirt. It's a big fold, though, and probably not one that's going to work if you have a small or narrow chest of drawers, but it's fun and feels a bit like a magic trick. And how often can you say that about folding the laundry.

Have you got any folding or other household tricks that might make my life a little easier - or more hilarious? 


  1. Ooohh ... looks a bit complicated to me ... good on you for mastering it :0)

    1. There was an interesting video where you make a flip board cardboard thingy to help fold as well - that was just a bridge too far for me, complexity wise.

  2. With a little practice you could get that down to 10-15 secs a shirt and then it will be like the 'old style' of folding but with such good looks.

    I'm with your fella - I love a black t-shirt and a good slogan is always worth a quick look! x

  3. Oh I'd seen that vid before and tried to remember how to do it when next folding T's. was an epic fail lol!

    Will try again though, because it looks so clever when it works!

    1. It's worth it just for the giggle of trying to figure it out :)

  4. Heavens! This makes my scrunch it up technique look very old skool

  5. I did it! Took 3 goes because I was only pinching the top layer. Brilliant. Thank you :-) Mel x


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