Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kiss-iversary: There's no card for that

Twelve years ago Lovely Husband and I shared our first kiss. It was awkward, as first kisses mostly are, but it marked the start of this thing that is us. It also marked the end of a year of wooing without either of us calling that, a year of dancing around each other like colourful birds. 

There was a card propped against my computer screen this morning. Lovely Husband remembered the moment even though he is not so sentimental about things like this. I forgot, even though I am. 

A few days ago, it was five years since we moved to Melbourne. In early October, it will be 12 years since we moved in together, into our flat above a chemist on a street full of restaurants and pubs and people peeing in the alleyway. In late October, it will be seven years since we eloped to a park overlooking the ocean. In early November, it will be seven years since we celebrated our wedding with friends with a picnic in a different park. In January, it will be two years since Dear Boy came into our world.

Lots of moments in our shared lives to remember and reasons to celebrate.

What special moments do you commemorate? Are there cards involved?


  1. awww bless how gorgeous that he remembered - especially if he normally doesnt. THAT is love. Awesome gooey mushy love. We dont do cards so much, ours are notes and little letters. And I keep them all :) xx

    1. We went and saw a lot of movies when we were 'wooing' and discovered after we moved in that we'd each separately kept all the tickets. Now have a big collection - although now that tickets are printed on that fax type stuff, the words are wearing off and we're left with a box of paper.

      A little note out of the blue is lovely.

  2. The fact that he simply propped the card there for you to find, no fanfare, no big 'moment', says it all. True love, no doubt about it. x


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