Monday, July 15, 2013

Booklearnin': Who Sank the Boat?

Dear Boy has recently discovered our copy of Who Sank The Boat? It's a soft cover picture book, so I was a bit worried about him destroying it, but he seems to have been gentle enough so it's joined the general rotation. 

My main issue with who sank the boat is predicated on the relative clause - and whether the information provided after the 'who' is restrictive or additional. Somehow I feel there should be commas because, although there is some poetic/artistic license, it just reads funny. Take the sentence in the page above... Does that read like the sheep didn't know where to sit to you, or is it just me? The whole way through I'm mentally adding commas and rewording the sentences. 

Also, the shading around the cow's legs look like pubes. Maybe that's why she looks so horrified.

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