Monday, July 8, 2013

Book Learnin': My Mummy/Dear Zoo

We are reading a lot of children's books at the moment. Some books we read over and over and over. And the more I read them, the more I either love or hate the messages they send. Or the more I mull over what I think are mistakes in the text. Or the weirdness of some of the pictures. So I thought I'd share a few every now and then and see what you think. 

I love this series of Peppa Pig books. We started with My Daddy, which was a present for Lovely Husband on Father's Day. Hilarious. Then Lovely Husband bought a copy of My Mummy for me for Mother's Day. It's much sweeter, switching as they do between the lovely and funny characteristics of Mummy Pig. These pages get me every time. And sometimes I come back to them when the boy's asleep and there's work stuff that needs to be done.

Dear Zoo was an early favourite with my boy. There are flaps to fold back and animals to imitate - what's not to love? It's a classic, celebrating its anniversary when this version was released. But I'm not entirely convinced. Do I really want Dear Boy subconsciously taking in that if he's too big, too jumpy or too naughty that we'll send him back, essentially trade him in for a better, less cheeky model?

It's a kid's book. I should relax, right? 

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