Friday, July 26, 2013

Blood fruit and a list of links

There's no metaphor at work here. Although Dear Boy's forehead is also multi-coloured with many stages of bruise and his lip looks like he's done a few rounds with a grumpy kangaroo, we're actually all kinda okay. And these stories and videos and things aren't terrifically violent or bloody - although there's one or two that are a tad uncomfortable. I am just a bit captivated by these oranges that I picked up at the Farmers' Market on the weekend. And a blog post always looks a bit naked without a photo. 

1. Molly Ringwald has always felt like my too-cool older sister… in my dream John Hughes world, that is. But Molly finally graduated high school and started playing the “mom” of teenagers herself. Then she wrote a book. She was in Australia earlier this year for the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

2. Another find from the SWF is this panel discussion with the title ‘I’m a feminist – can I vajazzle?’ The panel members are the feminist scholar Dale Spender, Shami Chakrabarti, (who the site says is a UK barrister and director of civil rights group Liberty), Jude Kelly (who I’m also unfamiliar with but is the artistic director of the UK’s Southbank Centre ), the comedian Ruby Wax, blogger and general media commentator Mia Freedman and her MamaMia editor Jamila Rizvi. Some of the ideas here came up for me in some teaching I was doing on women’s magazine a few years ago – are we dealing with a new feminism? Are we taking a step backwards? Is women sexualising their own bodies a sign of legimite or false power?

3. I’ve come over all nostalgic for the AGA. When I played housekeeper in a country manor in the south of England for a year, there was a shiny blue AGA to play with, all new and completely foreign to me.

4. Oh, and I’ve fallen in love with (Gucci Hippie’s) San Francisco, which I’ll probably never see. I'll be tuning into part 2 of this one.

5. I am in love with Antony Green and will religiously watch his coverage of the 2013 election. Here’s his take on our electoral system and the minor parties. The last two or three paragraphs are especially scary.

6. I am also all full of fondness for Annabel Crabbe. Here’s an interesting piece on our new/old Prime Minister (Kevin Rudd – for those who’ve been out of town). 

7. If you haven’t already seen it, you should also check out Crabbe’s Kitchen Cabinet series on the ABC, where she cooks and shares a meal with various politicians in their own homes. It’s funny. And weird. 

8. Lovely Husband hates the word ‘organic’ as it’s applied to labelling food. The scientist in him is riled at the misappropriation of the term to mean anything other than the general ‘contains carbon’ definition. This article on water companies being forced to remove their ‘organic’ label makes me titter. Even given the fact that two hydrogen atoms, one oxygen = zero carbon, it makes me laugh, just a little bit, that people might have been stupid enough to pay extra for that organic label on a big ol’ plastic bottle of water. 

9. Rick Gonski tells good stories about books and book culture and book buying and selling.

10. JK Rowling was recently outed as the author of the crime novel The Cuckoo’s Calling. This isn’t really a new story – authors have been writing under pseudonyms for years for a variety of reasons… what caught my attention about the story was the fact that sales of 1500 copies was considered a critical success – and a pretty big success given a sequel had been written and a TV series optioned before the JK Rowling name got anywhere near it). Has that always been round about where success was measured or have things just gotten worse for authors these days?

11. Here’s a sample of The Cuckoo’s Calling  – what do you think?

12. Last but not least is this ripper of a blog post from Rebecca Woolf over at Girl’s Gone Child where she’s questioning why we stand up against princess culture and the pinkness and sexualisation of girls but let our boys get caught up in pirate culture where drinking and murdering and raping and sex slavery were pretty much the norm. Not even Disney's toned that one down.

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