Monday, June 24, 2013

Triangle quilt: backed, batted, basted and ready for quilting

There's a quilt sandwich sitting on my desk and it looks so warm and toasty, I want it finished now. 

The quilt top was finished a little while ago and I deliberated and ummed and aahed for a while about the back piece and possible borders and binding. Finally decided on a feature panel for the back (pic to come soon) and plain black binding, no border. 

Basting has been my least favourite job so far, partly because it's so hard to sandwich three layers together without wrinkles in one of them; partly because my lack of stitiching uniformity has varied the sizes so the front and back and batting don't align perfectly; and partly because I can't find my safety pins and basting together a quilt this size with pins is hard (and painful). 

See, lack of uniform stitching = variable widths. Just ignore the dirty floor.

Now I just need to figure out what kind of quilting I'll be doing. I'm fond of stitching the ditch, cause it's fairly simple... but there's an awful lot of 'ditches' to stitch through here. Tempted to just quilt in short lines where the triangles meet, so the back will have small stars all over.

Decisions, decisions. 

Maybe if I hurry, Dear Boy will be able to snuggle up to his quilt before winter ends.

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