Sunday, June 16, 2013

Product battle: Aldi xylophone v Fun Years xylo-piano

Somehow we have managed to accumulate two xylophones and, ever since, a product battle has been brewing. Will Dear Boy favour the wooden xylophone that we acquired as part of a set of instruments from Aldi? Or will he prefer the $3.99 weirdo plastic, flashing Fun Years xylo-piano that we found at the Salvos?

The Fun Years xylo-piano is weird. I repaired the battery terminal and the on/off switch thinking it was going to be a flashing musical extravaganza. But with four batteries in, all that happens is that strip of lights above flashes. A little bit. But what it lacks in 'sight and sound' it makes up for in sheer volume of plunky keys. Dear Boy loves how loud this gets. He can bash the piano keys and make the xylophone part crash or he can smack it with an official xylophone stick (or the wooden spoon) and make just as much noise.The little wooden xylophone isn't as noisy or as flash, but it's small enough that he can carry it around the house tap-tapping or bash-bashing as he goes. To my ears it has a far nicer sound, not to mention a sweeter, simpler aesthetic to mine sensitive eyes.So which xylophone reigns supreme?

For me, the Aldi xylo is the clear winner. But for Dear Boy, who is the Chairman Kaga of these product battles, I'm pretty sure we have to call this one a tie.

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