Monday, June 10, 2013

New Tricks 10/26: one mug, three ingredient and five minute chocolate crackles

After reading this quick and dirty recipe for homemade ice-magic topping, I was wondering about the possibilities of transforming another childhood favourite. A few minutes of experimenting and bam! Chocolate crackles!

The mug/teacup is pretty much for the party trick or the aesthetics, take your pick. It's just as easily done in a cereal bowl.

The ingredients:
1. Chocolate - I used dark chocolate bits (they're frosty in that picture up there, not white, I promise).
2. Coconut oil - with a ratio of 2:3 coconut oil to chocolate. Choose a good virgin coconut oil - otherwise you may as well use the original Copha (which is also coconut oil, but made less awesome with hydrogenation)
3. Puffed rice/rice bubbles - I needed about a cup for 2tsp of oil and 3tsp of chocolate. If you like a little hard puddle of chocolately goodness at the bottom of the crackle, then use less. If you want a loose crackle that doesn't stick together and is more like coco-pops, then use more.

Melt the chocolate and oil together. I stuck mine in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds for around one and a half minutes. If there are kids around, don't let them do this bit cause the mix can super-heat pretty quickly if you're not keeping an eye on it. 

Mix it all up. I am obviously not as delicate as my teacup.

I had enough for two chocolate crackles in big patty-cases, cause I'm a traditionalist like that. But I've also just stuck the mug straight in the fridge. Either works. 

Refrigerate for a minute or two until firm and voila! One mug, three ingredient and five minute chocolate crackles. They even taste just like the old fashioned variety: sweet from the chocolate; coconut-y from the oil. No need for extra sugar or desiccated coconut and no nasties depending on the chocolate, coconut oil and puffed rice you use. 

Dear Boy loved these but there's no need to let the kids know if you want a little treat for yourself.

Do you have an old-school favourite that you've transformed?

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  1. These look so cute, I used to love making these with my girls when they were little. What an easy way to make them, I will have to try it. :)


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