Sunday, June 30, 2013

Leaks but no whistle-blowing.

While the world watches news about Edward Snowdon, his bombshell revelations about US agencies spying on their own (which we kinda knew anyway) and his flight to Hong Kong and then refuge in Russia and whether what he did is technically whistle-blowing*... while all this is happening, we are dealing with an entirely different kind of leaking.

Dear Boy is a heavy wetter at night. He doesn't drink excessively or even drink a lot before bed but for some reason, 13 hours is way too much for his normal day nappies to handle (yeah, he sleeps through the night - mostly 7pm-7am - there's a post about this coming to a blog near you soon). This means every morning, there are wet pajamas, wet sleeping bags, wet sheets, and occasionally wet blankets. Even though it doesn't seem to wake him up, that's a lot of unnecessary washing and, call me crazy, but I'm not wild about the idea of him sleeping in puddles of urine.

Part of the issue is that Dear Boy is a side sleeper and nappies are only designed with absorbent material at the front and back (assuming, I guess, that babies are either back or tummy sleepers).

So a little while ago, we commenced Operation This Has Got To Stop.

This started with brand shifts.

Early on, we had a brief flirtation with Modern Cloth Nappies (MCNs) but they weren't for us. Essentially, from birth we were Huggies users. They were expensive (for us anyway) but we felt the quality was good and he never had a serious nappy rash. But then around six months, we started getting small damp patches around his hips. So we shifted up a size. But after a little while the patches reappeared and the next size up nappies were insanely large for our baby boy.

We shifted to a billion other brands. Same deal.

So we shifted to Aldi brand. Because we figured if the Boy was leaking through anyway, may as well only pay half as much. I used a cotton nappy cover (like a pair of thick waisted undies) to try and keep the nappy flat against his body but no luck. I bought some traditional plastic pilchers (the plastic pants we used to wear as babies over the old-fashioned folded cloth nappies). No luck. I tried a fluffy modern version. No luck.

There we remained with leaks on and off until a few months ago when it started becoming a serious problem.  Big leaks. Every. Bloody. Night.

That's when we started doubling up, first with a regular nappy, then a regular nappy backwards, then with a nappy pant over the top, then a backwards nappy pant. Each version would have a night or two of success before the leaks and mountains of washing continued. The nappy on top never seemed to be wet - if only we could put those suckers on sideways somehow.

It got to a point where I started using leftover maternity pads, sticking them to the inside of his nappy at the hip so he was padded front, back and sides. This works - of course it works - but it just seems so stupidly ridiculous that this is our only choice. Lady pads for my Dear Boy? Gah.

I searched for night-time specific nappies in all the supermarkets and baby stores - but most of these are training pants (designed to make kids feel wet so they get up and go to the loo) and in big kid sizes. I thought I had found success at Toys R Us with their extra absorbent Supreme nappies. It worked for a night. The next few nights not so much.

So now we've taken to the internets, and ordered samples of a variety of different nappies. Because most of these are American brands (hello, Pampers), we're trying to navigate both pounds and this weird 4, 4+, 5, 5+ system. So far 4 is definitely too small. And 4+ seems okay. They're definitely more absorbent and, for the first time, channel fluids towards the back of the nappy as well so it's not just full at the front. I think this is helping keep the leaks from the sides of the nappies.

If they work, we'll be ordering these suckers in bulk online from their Australian distributor. These nappies have a lot of air miles and I feel guilty about what impact that might be having on the environment - but I'm playing that off against the impact of so much washing on both the environment and my mental health.

If they don't work, our next step is to find a MCN booster that I can stick into his regular nappy - but one that doesn't leave him feeling wet and actually draws the moisture away from his skin.

Has anyone had a similar problem? Do you have an amazing night time nappy you'd recommend?

* Defined as exposing allegedly illegal or threatening activities through appropriate channels and only using the media when those channels are either corrupted or unavailable. Wikileaks is technically a venue of both leaking and whistleblowing for that reason - quite a lot of the stuff they published was to embarrass officials rather than make the public aware of illegal or threatening activities. Some of the information was given to Wikileaks because no other channels were available to expose the information and some was given to them just because the leakers wanted the biggest bang for their buck.

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  1. Hey Elizabeth, I'm having a similar issue with my little girl, almost every morning, wet around the hips. At the moment I'm just dealing with it but I know I'll get sick of it very soon. Thanks for the tips and sorry I have no advice. Maggie x


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