Friday, June 28, 2013

Holy package full of prizes, Batman!

I love packages. I love winning prizes. Receiving packages full of said prizes with extras thrown in is just awesome. Thanks to Ros at Sew Delicious, who hosted a Brauer giveaway, this collection arrived on our doorstep a few days ago. As well as the new range of Brauer Naturals Baby No Nasties products all topped with rubber ducks (which Dear Boy loves - that spotted duck is a particular favourite), we received all these other goodies as well.

I am in love... IN LOVE... with the Paw Paw All Natural Ointment, which smells divine and has been slathered all over my winter dry lips and Dear Boy's chapped cheeks. The Nappy Balm is also lovely on Dear Boy's bum. Unfortunately, he's obsessed with the pump bottles on the Baby Shampoo and the Baby Body and Bath Wash, so there tends to be quite a bit more of those in the tub than is required. Luckily they smell nice (although a bit intense in large doses) and he's not pumping a stack of petrochemicals onto his skin.

*Disclaimer* I received these products as a prize for winning a competition and was not in any way required by either Sew Delicious or Brauer to further promote or review them. I really DO love that Paw Paw All Natural Ointment.

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