Monday, May 13, 2013

Wrong directions (an apology)

I am very, very sorry to the man I unwittingly gave the wrong directions to two months ago.
I was nervous when I saw him standing on the side of the road by his car, pacing, frowning, looking at his phone, waiting for Dear Boy and I to come closer up the footpath. 
I almost gave him a tight smile and shake of the head and pushed on but I didn't.
I changed my mind when I heard the sound of his voice, softly softly and worried: 'where is ----- station?'
I was confident. I'd just walked right by there.
I pointed the way I had come and gave very detailed instructions and I felt happy when he smiled. 
I didn't realise I'd made a mistake until we'd strolled along another block. 
I knew it was pointless to turn back and try and find him and we kept on until home. 
I wince about what he must have thought when he arrived where I sent him and it wasn't where he wanted to be wonder. 
I wonder if he thought I'd done it on purpose and how long it took him to find the right station from there.
I hope he made his connection or met his friend or his family or whatever it is he was wanted there.
I think of him when I drive past the right station and walk past the wrong one.
I think of him when I check Google maps and plot out the directions for myself. 
I am very, very sorry.

*On a stupid and totally unrelated note: see that shadow on the right of the photo? That's me taking a picture with my phone - yes, that's an extended pinkie, right there. I was going to crop it out but that little shadow pinkie makes me laugh. 

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  1. Lol I can't imagine how I would feel about this if it were me.


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