Friday, May 17, 2013

Triangle quilt: halfway through stitching the quilt top.

I am officially halfway through stitching a million 336 triangles. This is both quicker and less onerous a task than I expected when I started on this epic quilting voyage. I tuck myself up on the couch after Dear Boy's in bed and dinner has been had and time with Lovely Husband has been spent and stitch triangle and triangle while watching whatever television programme is going. At the moment, it's Heart of Dixie because I'm a total sap and there's something hypnotic about Rachel Bilson's awful acting.

Stitching triangles is a different kettle of fish entirely than stitching squares. The ends are trickier with the overlapping and coming together of multiple points and little bunches of fabric where they meet. This might potentially sauce some problems when it comes time to put the rows together. It's also a little harder to keep the seam allowance exactly right unless I draw myself guidelines (which I'm not). This will also be fun when it comes time to stitch the rows together because there will be wonky points where six triangles don't meet exactly. The first row or two are particularly uneven.

My mind has already started to turn to the back piece. It'll be a plain black - because I have swathes of it - but I wanted to do a line of weird and wonderful fabric running along it's length. I have scraps of Doctor Who and Star Trek and Star Wars material from a very generous cousie, so perhaps that'll work. I've already purchased the batting, a gorgeous warm bamboo that seems thin enough for me to manage all by myself. A 25% discount coupon from Spotlight in my inbox made me jump there and then for it, otherwise it could have cost an arm and a leg.

Here are the posts on the early ideas and preparation for this triangle quilt, if you're interested.

Are you doing any mindless project work at the moment? How do you keep your mind entertained will your fingers work?

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