Monday, May 6, 2013

Product battle: Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint v Crayola Large Washable Crayons

I've been wanting to introduce more crafty things into Dear Boy's day but it's difficult to balance what he'll like and what he'll feel like doing with what I feel like setting up, what I feel like doing and what I feel like cleaning up. But today the sun was shining and we needed to spend some time outdoors to help blast this lurgy out of our systems.

This product battle is not in any way sponsored. I had both of these sitting on my desk after a visit to Kmart (for the crayons) and Officeworks (for the finger-paints and coloured paper) at different times over the last month. Can't remember the exact costs but from memory they'd both around the $10 mark.

In the red corner, Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint.

I love the idea of finger-painting, letting Dear Boy splosh and splish and splat and rub paint all over the place. But he really isn't that keen on it. He's in a bit of phrase where anything touching his hands (including his sleeves) is 'yuck-kee'. So he didn't last very long. I 'helped' a little by dotting a few blobs of pain and then he smooshed it around a bit. He spent more time trying to put the lids back on the pots and then stacking them up and knocking them down then he did actually painting. He wanted the paint off his hands pretty quick - all he needed was a wipe with wet face-washer. I love his little masterpieces though.

Oh look, a plane.

In the blue corner: Crayola Large Washable Crayons.

Dear Boy loves these crayons. He's used them once or twice before with the same results. He alternates between holding two fists full and waving them around to getting a little pincer action on and delicately drawing with just one colour. He also likes to pop these in his mouth, a lot. Because they're washable though, this gets more messy than with the average crayon - almost like watercolour paints. Once he's done with the drawing, he loves trying to get them back into the box. It's a whole new game. The results aren't quite as dramatic as with the fingerpaints - he's really only running lines back and forth across the page and doesn't press hard enough to experiment with thickness or colour intensity.

So who wins? Which craft product reigns supreme (for the time being at least)?

Dear Boy chooses the Crayola Large Washable Crayons.

I think this is the practical and preferred option for now. It's easy to whip out some paper inside or outside and then to pack up. The clean up is usually minimal unless he eats them and colours in the carpet, but they really are washable. I'm hoping once he gets over the 'yuck-kee' thing, we'll do a bit more painting though. Maybe I'll set these two up for a return bout once I invest in some fat handled brushes.

Do you and your child have a preferred craft activity?

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