Saturday, May 4, 2013

Not winners

 We have been sick. And out of sorts. And teething. And eating poorly. And stuck in the house. And cold. And when this kind of thing happens, I slowly, slowly fall apart until everything feels like a mess. Cue this scene. And the one below where Dear Boy is left to pull anything he wants from the cupboards and tote his dummy around all day.

I've also found myself entering a stupid amount of competitions, quite a few online, and a handful handing over (small amounts of) money to ticket-sellers, in the hope that maybe, maybe, we'll be winners. Maybe, maybe there'll be a little pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that'll make life feel just a little bit easier. I tried this academically, throwing my cap in for a pot of money to do some new research. I thought I was in with a chance. The people who looked over my application thought I was in with a chance. Cue another one of those emails where they received a lot of very competitive applications but this time I was unsuccessful. Please don't take this to mean that we don't support you and your research. Just that we aren't going to help you. At all.

So I am feeling like a not-winner. All round. And the more competitions I enter, the more I am a not-winner, in many, many senses of that badly worded phrase.

*Those tickets are not-winners too. 

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