Thursday, May 2, 2013

My current expertise

The second prompt for the 'blog every day in May' challenge is to educate or give a lesson in something you're good at, something you know a lot about. At the moment, as my son enters his third hour of sleeplessness and a lecture lies waiting to be written and dinner is half eaten and the heater keeps turning itself off and my nose keeps dripping and Dear Boy's quilt is still in small piles and my books sit unread, I feel like the only thing I'm good at is mess.

That there, in the picture above, is an expert level of mess. I work there. In fact, I'm working right there, right now. Achieving this level of mess is no mean feat but requires a delicate balance of multiple components interacting in very specific ways. In a gross simplification of this system, I've broken it down into a tripartite model like so (look, I even whipped up a Venn diagram):

1. Environment (small house, dining room turned into a study for two people, space minimal, impending guests, deadlines, etc)
2. Organisation (generally poor, offset by levels of accumulation and retention, availability of storage facilities)
3. Child (highly chaotic and unpredictable variable)

The complex and recursive interactions between these three broad elements means this mess is dynamic and requires a sloppy brilliant mind to tolerate manage it. 

If you too, would like to establish and manage this level of mess, you'll need to evaluate and then manipulate your own environment and motivation. The 'child' element is a not a necessary component if you have an equally effective unpredictable variable e.g. husband, pet, additional personality.

Anyone else feel like mess and chaos is ruling their lives at the moment?

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  1. That's an impressive mess! I'm quite good at making a mess too, but mine generally happens because I'm too lazy to tidy up! But then I have a surge of energy every now and then and attack the mess. It doesn't happen often though!


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