Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog love

I have blogs I love and read religiously and have slowly, slowly built quite a blogroll on Bloglovin' (go love us on Bloglovin', would you, please?), and I have some real-life friends, and some virtual friends that crossed over into real-life friends. But today's challenge to publicly profess my love for a blogger friend is tough. Quite a few of the people I would consider friends-who-blog have shut-up blog-shop or have posted so infrequently recently that sometimes I suspect they have too. And the others, well, I'm fairly sure they don't read me. 

I haven't really muscled my way into the/a blogging community or built my own. I should. I see posts like these at Girls Gone Child, Mighty Girl, Oh Happy Day and Dooce and their Hyundai sponsored epic playdate/campout and, well, sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. What a lovely little clannish group of bloggers. And what an amazingly enormous collective reach these women have. So many readers and followers and lovers and friends globally between them. It's intimidating. But I'd love a little piece of that. I'm realistic enough to know Hyundai is never coming knocking at my door, but I'd love a little clan of my own. Even if we pay for our own playdates and campouts. 

So I'm not going to publicly profess my love. I'm publicly professing my desire for love. 

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