Friday, May 17, 2013

Baby pictures: him and me.

People keep telling me that Dear Boy is all Lovely Husband: the forehead, the brows, the eyes, the expressions. But I've always looked at his face and seen my own. The pictures of me as a child look like my boy with piggytails. His 100 metre stare, his half grin, his sorta dimples, his eyes, his lips, his cheeks: they're all mine. See?

The photo at the top is me at two, a child found after being lost. A child found eating her sister's paint. Dig those big plastic pilchers and my stripey, stripey socks. That photo has always been a favourite of mine, but seeing it now, I see his future face, his hand prints on his belly.


  1. I remember the paint episode. You gave Peter M a real scare as he thought it was blood! You did love those socks :)

  2. What a beautiful baby you were, my gosh.

    no wonder you decided to make one of your own, you should have thousands.


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