Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A soundtrack in five categories

Today's writing prompt is to provide five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or have strong memories associated with them. Given I was never going to be able to narrow it down, I've decided to work with five categories of music instead.

First songs:

My father is a musician. So he wanted to specially choose the first song me and each of my siblings ever heard. Songs that would mean something as the years rolled on.

Mine is the first song from George Harrison's self-titled album, 'Love Comes to Everyone', and the Oldest Little Brother's is the last, 'If You Believe'. Middle Brother Mountain and The Littlest Brother's both come from The Beatles' Abbey Road: 'Because' and 'The End' respectively.

The first sound of music in dear Boy's life was a quiet radio playing in the recovery room after his birth. Lovely Husband heard the song and nudged me as I cuddled our boy. Bryan Adams isn't my most favourite artist but his 'Everything I Do (I Do It For You)' is apt.

Favourite Songs as a Child:

Each of us kids had our own singles and EPs added to the stack in Dad's record boxes, and on the weekends when we'd visit, we'd get to take turns picking out our favourites and playing them. 'My' single was Shakin' Stevens' 'You Drive Me Crazy'. I thought he was Elvis. he probably thought he was Elvis too.

Other favourites include Eddy Grant's 'Electric Avenue'; 'Music Machine' (which my Dad hated); Sam Brown's 'Stop'; Martika's version of 'I Feel The Earth Move', and a little later, the whole of Carol King's Tapestry.

Our Songs:

Lovely Husband and I never had a tradition wedding where I walked down an aisle or a reception where danced our first dance. Instead we have songs from various moments of our 'togetherness'. If we had 'a' song, it's be Coco Lee's 'Love before Time'. It's a gooey sappy song, but it was the soundtrack of our first kiss while we watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and the proper, official start of 'us'.

Lovely Husband is not generally a sentimental type of fellow, so I'm not entirely sure what songs he'd pick. Must ask him.

Songs with moments:

I have a thing about songs with small, perfect moments in them. It might be a line in the lyrics, a series of notes, a chord change, a solo, just some little... something that grabs my attention and won't let go, that makes me turn up the volume or lean the back of my neck against the speakers waiting for the shivers. I'm not necessarily a fan of the band or the singer, but there's... something. I have these moments in REM's 'Night Swimming', Paul Kelly's 'Song from the Sixteenth Floor' and Powderfinger's 'My Happiness'. I'd have to sit down with my self-compiled compilations to think of the others. Can you pick the ones that get me in these?

Musical comedy and comic songs:

Alright. So I'm a sucker for comedy routines using songs. I'm a sucker for music spoofs and alternate videos. I'm fairly sure there's something shameful in that but I don't care.

Tripod and Tim Minchin belong in this category but there are songs from these comedians that aren't necessarily funny (or meant to be) but are gorgeously beautiful. The first is a collection of songs from Tripod Versus the Dragon (full movie of which is here), which is a D&D themed long-form comedy show featuring Elana Stone as the Dragon. it was an amazing show and Stone's voice is one that burrows deep in your memory. Loved 'On Paper'; loved 'Grow Up To Be a Bard'; loved 'I Think I Like Him'. 'Ivory Tower' is gorgeous. The last is Tim Minchin's 'White Wine in the Sun', which also qualifies as my most favourite Christmas song. I cried listening to this the first time. I cried even harder listening to it after Dear Boy was born.

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