Thursday, May 9, 2013

A domestic moment

It feels a little weird that this is the moment I'm sharing from my day when there are so many others already: waking to 'mum-meee' and being greeted in Dear Boy's room with the sound of giggles; feeding him 'bubbles' for breakfast; taking him to child care; eating sneaky chippies for morning tea; opening up the house to let the warm air through the house. Later, there will be more moments: work; lunch; a different campus; a guest lecture on obscenity, offense and free speech; saying hello to long-time-no-see colleagues; sneaky, sticky afternoon tea; stolen moments to stitch triangles; picking up Dear Boy; letting him massacre of bowl of spaghetti and veggie sauce; getting him bathed; wrestling him into pajamas; quiet dinner; feet up on the coffee table. 

But this is the moment, the very domestic moment, where I have that rare combination of time, free hands and camera. I have the time to take photos and the time to write up a blog entry now. Later, other things will take over. So washing it is. 

1. Its pair is missing but, luckily, another stripey pair has also been halved, and the new mismatched pair is cute enough that I don't care if he wears them in public.
2. Lovely Husband likes him a big hoodie, and now Dear Boy is following suit.
3. Two things here: firstly, I seem to dress my boy in a lot of stripes; secondly, I dress him in tights all the time. He's a romping, unsteady boy who likes to climb and burrow and squat - wearing unyielding pants doesn't work but that seems to be the fashion for boys his size. So I've scoured shop after shop for size 2 tights (love you, Big W) and when I can't find them in the boys' section, I shop in the girls'. I cut off flowery buttons and colour in glittery highlights and unstitch the ruffles. 
4. Once he walks on the grass in his socks, they're goners. I can't get them white again no matter how many chemicals or natural products I throw at them. 
5. Our beautiful Hills Hoist has a wicked lean. It's also held together with rope.
6. Behind the washing line is a dead tree. We should be cutting it down but I love the contrast of dead tree and blue, blue sky. 
7. Empty basket.


  1. Love this!! Doing laundry can be dreadful, but sometimes (with two kids) it's the only few minutes that I have to think to myself!

    Also, I commend you for even keeping track of both socks. I'm pretty sure I have one of each for my oldest. Very annoying.

  2. I love those little moments in life that might seem random or simple to others but are cherished by you. You're making me want a clothesline, by the way! I love hanging clothes on the line ;) great post!

  3. Your pictures made laundry come to life :)

  4. Can I just say how much I hate washing clothes. It's all Eve's fault for eating the apple.

  5. and this is definitely a real life moment - we all do laundry :).

  6. very artistic take on a real life task...I love the pics!

  7. This is the most productive moment I've seen so far. And somehow you've made it look so beautiful, and inviting. If only my wash looked beautiful and inviting...


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