Sunday, April 28, 2013

Triangle quilt (final pattern, cutting and a first look)

Last week, I announced by completely crazy plans to hand stitch a single-bed quilt for Dear Boy. Since then I've been drawing and cutting a million triangles. Did I mention I'm a complete amateur at this? I don't have any proper equipment for quilting apart from an awesome pair of left-handed fabric scissors that are a blessing. I long ago learned the consequences for having crappy scissors, so I picked up these lovelies (Mundial brand, in case you're interested) when they were on sale a few months ago.

What I also should probably have for this project are:

  1. proper quilting pencils/pens/markers - the ones that wash off, evaporate, blend or whatever it is they do. I used a biro and figure no-one'll see it even if it does bleed onto the fabric.
  2. A ruler or quilting grid. I pulled some old piece of high school plastic from Lovely Husband's drawer and used that to draw up a cardboard template.
  3. A quilting cutter - you can get this as little hand-held rotary thingies or as a machine that sort of resembles a pasta-maker. Scissors worked for me.
  4. Some kind of something to help baste (or sandwich) the quilt layers together). Apparently you can get spray. I'll probably be using safety pins.
  5. Some kind of hoop or frame for the actual quilting part. It got a little unwieldy quilting the sampler by hand. Not sure how I'll go with the big one. 
  6. And okay - probably a sewing machine. But we'll see how long my patience (and fingers) last.

As promised - here's the final pattern - a mix between the two other hexagon ones with less black 'space' and more coloured 'planets. And below, a sneak-peak at the layout from the bottom half of the quilt top. I played around with the pattern as I'd lay out the planets above, and have used a few plain black panels around the darkest blue as it was disappearing into the black and fine blue star fabric. It also helped stretch the black fabrics a bit further so I didn't have to order another half yard. With hindsight, I'd probably have ditched the black and fine blue star fabric altogether but hey, we live and learn.

Now all my triangle pieces are in piles, row by row, and so begins the great stitch-a-thon of 2013. Eeep!

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