Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ran into the fire

I was writing a blog post in my mind this morning, cruising through the shopping centre and then stopping at the exit to buy an ANZAC Appeal badge. There's something about that motto, underneath the blazing sun 'Lest We Forget' that gets me. I'll still write that post, but the actions of a few awful individuals or maybe just one has pushed those thoughts aside for now.

I wrote a little while ago about fidelity to humanity, and I am reminded of it again today as I watch the morning news of what has happened in Boston, an ocean and more than half a continent away. People were running the Boston Marathon, striving towards the finish line, perhaps about to accomplish a lifelong goal, the reward for what I imagine has been months and months of preparation and determination a tough mental and physical attitude. And then simultaneous explosions were set off and people were killed and people were injured. And where do you run to then? After so many weary miles, how do you run faster, how do you pick up someone who seconds ago was your competitor and carry them away from danger? I imagine it is a lot of adrenalin and not a lot of thinking, but deeper than that, I imagine there is that fidelity to humanity. There is the instant bond of people determined to survive and to keep others alive.

I am reminded also of an episode in The West Wing where a pipe bomb is set off at a swimming meet. Because I am a fan of The West Wing, I follow a fictional character on Twitter (@Pres_Bartlet) because anyone who emulates that president's way with words is okay by me. And that person, with an actor's face as an avatar, reminded me of this speech:

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