Friday, April 12, 2013

New Tricks 8/26 + Resolve (Fix crazy baby hair)

My hair has been an issue for a few years now. This is primarily because:

  1. I missed school the day they taught all the girls how to use a blow-dryer/straightener/curler properly. I can use a blow-dryer to dry my hair but that's as far as it goes. I've never been able to get anything close to a salon finish. Ever. 
  2. It's been getting increasingly dry and weird thanks in part to a significant amount of grey. I kinda like my grey hair and I've embraced the colour as it helps me feel I have a bit more of the gravitas when I teach. But I don't like the frizz. I don't like the little shorties because the brittle greys have snapped.  
  3. I've had the same quite long straight hair style for many, many years. Style probably isn't even the right word. It's more like a default hair position than style. I've wanted short, short hair for a while now but I don't often feel brave enough for it and every hairdresser I've asked to cut it has talked me out of it. Apparently my desired cuts are not kind to my face shape.
Pregnancy threw some new issues into the mix. Around 14 weeks after Dear Boy was born, I started losing hair at an alarming rate. An ALARMING rate. Handfuls of the stuff were coming out in the shower; the vacuum cleaner was clogged full of hair; and it was getting everywhere. I started going bald at the temples where my mostly grey hair there had thinned out far too much. It got so thin I was looking up hair solution companies and considering treatment options. And then, around seven months, my hair grew back in. In fact, my regrowth around the temples exploded and I suddenly had a micro fringe, then proper 'bangs' - or as proper as 'bangs' can be when it's sprouting from the temples rather than evenly across the forehead. There was also that complete lack of time and inclination to do anything with my hair. Suddenly there's only enough time to do one thing in the shower and sometimes not even that. Sometimes there's only enough time to shave one leg. Or to just shampoo. 

So I became the ponytail lady with the crazy fringe and a lot of weird escapees. 

A little while ago I resolved, under an overarching umbrella resolve to be less sloppy, to fix my crazy baby hair. I wasn't entirely sure what that meant at the time but I was ready for a change. 

So step one of this resolution involved a last-minute appointment at a nearby salon, after the boy went down to sleep and I locked in Lovely Husband to hold the fort. 

Step two was a long discussion with the hair stylist. I wanted shorter, I wanted the cut to do all the work because I can't style and what the hell could I do about this all up in here. Her eyes glowed with way too much eagerness. She chopped then put in a great sales pitch for dying my hair. She called it a glaze. This is just a fancy term for a semi-permanent colour. But I said goodbye the greys and sat under that weird rotating heater for 30 minutes because she promised it'd help settle down the frizz. She chopped some more. I asked that she not style my hair because I've been disappointed before when I haven't been able to replicate the results. She styled it. How do you say no to these people? I left the salon with a gorgeous sleek long bob thing that I knew I could never be able to do in a million years. 

Step three was failing at replicating the sleek do and discovering that my hair is actually wavy. After all these years who knew. So I've embraced the wave, scrunching with a bit of some kind of product that some guy in a shop recommended (how do you say no to these people?). Scrunching I can do. So now it looks wild and messy but on purpose. Win.

Step four was attempting to take my new wave a step further and introduce some curl. I followed a tutorial online, which became part Pinterest fail and part 'don't have the right equipment'. Somehow I managed to turn it into a sleek do. Granted, I didn't replicate the salon version, but it was A version. It was a better version I'd ever done before. 

Hair sorted.

*I know this seems pretty trivial to folks who've managed to do their own hair for years but don't rain on my wikid skillz parade. This feels like a triumph of epic proportions to somehow whose sole hair accomplishment till now has been astounding stylists with my hairs lack of 'memory' and growing it long enough to cover my boobs. 

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