Friday, March 29, 2013

New Tricks 6/26: Handmade Easter

This Easter I wanted to make a few little bits and pieces and avoid the normal chocolate stash that tends to accumulate and then get consumed despite all my best intentions. I wanted a weird little bunny and some carrots, so I turned to Pinterest, of course. In the end I used Clare's Craftroom's carrot tutorial and then combined Revoluzza's Easter Bunny with the ears from Martha Stewart's menswear bunny.I had been looking for some vegetable tutorials for a while, hoping to create Dear Boy a complete set, but it wasn't until I came across these carrots that it occurred to me to use tacking and a drawstring style method to get the effect I was after. I admit, it was bloody fiddly to keep the hem folded down, tack, draw in and keep the leaves in while stitching it all together, but the second one was definitely easier.  The bunnies were quite easy, even with the variation I added (because little folded ears are just the cutest). It was a simple cut and stitch, although my embroidery skills on the face are less than spectacular. Stuffing the bunny was probably the most difficult part, especially pushing the filler into the quite small arms and legs and then keeping it there while I stitched up the side. My invisible seam stitch is getting better. It's actually almost invisible. 
I made two bunnies and carrots: one set for Dear Boy and one for his sweet friend O, who we've known since the babies were 8 weeks old. The boys have shared so much already (clothes, milestones, illness) so I thought sharing a matching set of toys would be super cute for Easter. 

Have you made anything for these holidays?

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