Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Living through March

Some days it feels like I am simply surviving, getting through until the next chunk of time has gone and a new one arrives. Without trying to sound full of wankery, I am endeavouring to be more 'in the moment' with my son. But it is hard. When motherhood is monotonous, covered in vomit, full of whinging and there seems to be an awfully long time before the next nap, it is hard to 'be present' and enjoy the individual moments. It is hard to keep two people with wildly different requirements fed, well, happy and entertained. Feels like such a first-world whine, but it's my regular struggle. So I am trying to not just chronicle his moments in the world, but to also be in those moments myself, with him. 

1. Dear Boy is in love with boxes, but no box is as good as a little one that contains food. His fine motor skills are amazing. It wasn't so long ago he was smacking himself in the nose waving his own fist in front of his face.
2. Some books say to wait until they have a full set of teeth, but my boy is in love with corn on the cob. The tracks of his nibbles tell a story of all those teeth to come.
3 & 4. We took a very long walk last week - across several suburbs, on roads, on tracks, through bush, through business districts. The track that ran alongside the rail line was full of half finished maintenance projects and quite old fashioned rail paraphernalia. It felt like walking through a country town rather than the suburbs of Melbourne. Every time the train came past, a little finger would appear out from under the hood of the pram: "car".
5. Dear Boy has added the word "yuck" to his vocabulary, extrapolated all by himself from 'if I put this in my mouth it'll taste gross' to 'something is stuck to my hand'. Usually, it's one of hairs caught in his fingers because I'm still shedding like a crazy person after giving birth. But it's now also about food on his hands, which is kinda awkward given he uses them to eat just about everything. 
6. A fountain without a barrier or a wall? That's the toddler equivalent of catnip, right there. If it had a flashing light or tooted, I would never have been able to leave.
7. Dear Boy took this photo. After I'd wrestled him away from the fountain and attempted to distract him with a walk through the conservatory (stupidly, because there's another fountain at the other end *forehead slap*), he decided he wanted the camera around my neck. There was wrestling involved there too. 
8. I love the way he moves through the world. It's almost an interpretive dance. All he needs is a BeeGees soundtrack.
9. This is one for my 'I got this, Pinterest' file: entertaining a toddler who's sick of the tub with shaving cream and food colouring. 
10 & 11. Dear Boy's first colouring-in competition. It's now hanging up on the wall of our local supermarket. There's chocolate at stake.
12. For some reason, the sky's been so much bigger and brighter and darker and full this summer (*ahem* Autumn). These sun-filled clouds topped a massive black storm front. And the contrast was unsettling.
13. Walking far from home, we came across a building site that had carved the land away from a convent, filling it's view with low-cost, low-lying McMansions. The convent-cum-nursing facility is probably enjoying a suite of marvellous new equipment and much needed renovations from the sale.
14. Walking home, this little fellow was the saddest little Easter Bunny I'd ever seen. I wonder what his owner's face looked like when they realised it was gone.
15. Okay, okay, we'll keep walking. 

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