Friday, February 22, 2013

New Tricks 5/26: HTML fancies

I am not fluent in HTML or any other programming language. I don't even have a conversational grasp. In fact, I'd get lost using it to navigate my way from the train station to the youth hostel.

What I can do, though, is google for help. I google like a champion.

When I wanted to make a few changes around here, the pre-fabricated options provided by Blogger just weren't cutting it. So I took to google with some fantastically complex search terms (i.e. 'how do I add social media buttons to my blog?' or 'how do I post an instagram feed on my blog?') and found some answers. The lovely ladies at The Blog Guidebook kept popping up in my results, so they helped me create a few HTML fancies, including adding social media buttons and an instagram feed.

Oooh fancies!

So I played with Photobucket and Snap Widget for the first time, used them to produce some HTML and here we are - connected and interconnected and sharing our many Lilybett and Boy selves right here. If this was a for-profit site, I'd probably employ some professional help to get its look 'just so'. But for now, it's just me fiddling with the blog design. We're slowly getting there but perhaps that's a never-ending job as tastes change and trends come and go and technology develops and new and amusing gadgets and widgets appear.

There may be a few more HTML fancies in this New Tricks series as we move through the year.

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