Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Tricks 3/26 and a charitable challenge

I made a pillowcase. By hand.

No, really.

This cheery fabric was calling to me and I'd found a few pillowcase tutorials online. Without a sewing machine though, I couldn't really put this together following their directions. So it was a little free-form. I just tried to stick to the Australian standard measurements. I also didn't have a pair of pinking sheers, but wanted to make the internal hems neat, so there was much folding and refolding and ironing and pinning until I ended up with Frenched seams.

Not only did I learn a few new tricks making this pillowcase, it was for a great cause - the Great Pillowcase Challenge 2013, which gets bright and happy pillowcase to oncology kids. My little ice-cream picnic pillow is featured on the Handmade Cooperative's blog - go check it out as well as all the other cases that people have crafted and donated.

* The pictures of this are all really dark as I finished the pillowcase quite late at night and needed to dash to the post office first thing to get it to the folks at the Handmade Cooperative by the deadline.

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