Monday, February 18, 2013


Him: Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell and Ladybird Books' Animal Book from the Baby Touch series (loving the mummy and daddy and baby animals).
Me: lots of blogs and The Wonder Weeks by van de Rijt and Ploolj.

Listening to
Him: himself talk. He's been parroting what we say, busting out with 'silly elephant' the other day. Definitely going to have to watch the swearing now.
Me: him and Lady Gaga's The Fame and Fame Monster albums.

Him: doing laps of the house pushing his cars and trucks, sometimes making 'bbrrroooom' noises; pressing noisy musical toys over and over; pulling things out of the pantry cupboard and putting odd things back in.
Me: taking him to the pool and watching the ABC's Doctor Blake Mysteries - is it just me or has Craig McLaughlin finally come into his own?

Him: walking - taking more and more steps in a room, losing some of the wobble.
Me: mitering the corners of a little quilt, although that's not really as hard as it looks

On our minds
Him: sore arm and general grumpiness from 12 month vaccina... Ooh, remote control!
Me: grant writing and a lack of feedback coming my way; this heat and trying to get a sweaty baby to sleep in a 29 degree room; the baby sleeping in a 29 degree room; how to keep our cool, literally and figuratively; if we can afford to move to a house with ducted air/heat or even some ceiling fans anytime soon; money, money, money - it's really getting old.

Him: tissue-wrapped icy-poles and ice-cream headaches
Me: running with the pram - am going to sign up for the Mothers' Day Classic fun run in May and am trying to train. This is not so easy when Lovely Husband rises and works late but we'll make it happen.

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