Monday, January 21, 2013

New Tricks: 2/26

We had a Sophie mishap at the shopping centre a few weeks ago when she disappeared from Dear Boy's grasp, dropped over the side like so many toys, bits of food, phones, keys, etc. Luckily, she was still laying there, marooned on the floor in the food court, when we scurried back to find her. So poor Sophie gets a leash.

I'd seen a few tutorials but didn't really fancy sewing anything. So I investigated the fastener's section at my local Spotlight and found these studs. The first sign they would be pretty easy: instructions on the back were diagrams only; no need for words. Hooray!

Raided my ribbon bag for a strip of owls that I'd been hanging onto for a whole, cut off a piece, dug around in Lovely Husband's toolbox for the hammer, lined up the little tool punch thing that came in the packet and bam. Literally. Dear Boy was not best pleased by the hammering, not even when I handed over his little blue and yellow one and he got to make lots of noise on his own. It took lots of banging, maybe because I was a bit tentative and had to deal with the yowling babe.

But I eventually fashioned two sets of studs to create two loops, one for Miss Sophie's neck (sorry, Sophie, but it just won't stay on your legs) and one for the pram. Those suckers are super stiff - even I used a bit of effort to jimmy them open. But that's all the better. No more wandering Sophie.

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