Monday, January 14, 2013

2013: Be less sloppy

In general, my New Years resolutions tend to simply showcase how quickly my resolve crumbles. Already, this post is so last week.

Starting this year, I'm going to craft a small list that is a lot more achievable. For me, this means things that are more vague and more concrete; things that have a limited time frame and things that aren't time bound; and things that may not necessarily be quantifiable and things that I'll have something to show for all my effort. A little mix-and-match but hopefully, that's what works.

My over-arching, over-riding goal this year is to be less sloppy. This applies to:
  • Me: fix crazy baby hair; figure out how to solve outfit issues (what is with my shirts riding up at the back? Is it a body shape thing or a clothing thing?); be comfortable but more put together at work
  • My home: putting away the never-ending laundry rather than making our lounge-room our closet; getting the dishes into the dishwasher after each meal; having a weekly desk tidy
  • My work: be more than half-arsed about lesson-planning and craft workshops that engage the students; give more lectures without reading my notes; write an article; attend a conference
  • My blog: fix the design; work on the photos & collages
Other concrete/time-specific goals are:
  • Cross off three things from my Before I Go list
  • Do another photo challenge
  • Complete the eight.ten.ten Treasure Yourself Project in my own time frame
  • Develop a habit for regular skin-care (Is it 30 days to develop a habit?)
  • Learn 26 new things (less than one a week but more than one a month - I can manage that)
  • Send birthday cards so they arrive on time
  • Say yes to being involved in charity - especially things that ask for time or skills rather than money (like this and this later in the year)
Slightly more nebulous goals are:
  • Be kinder to myself: re-vamp my 'self-talk'
  • Be kinder to others: less gossip, less criticism, more willingness to give people the benefit of the doubt
  • Accept more of the help that's offered to me
  • Practice autonomy, self confidence and competence

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