Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2: Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar

Dear Boy and I drove the streets of Toorak for 30 minutes looking for a park to attend the Swedish Church's Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar. The many cul-de-sacs in the area held nothing but difficult three-point turns so we also spent 30 minutes walking to Toorak House past gated mansions and decaying 70s monstrosities. We could hear Per Axerup's greeting from a block away so felt well and truly welcomed to the Swedish Church by the time we made it through the gate.

I pushed the pram past stalls full of gorgeous Scandinavian Christmas decorations and textiles (some traditional and some decidedly not), restraining myself from dipping into the wallet. Instead, we wandered, watched children play a square-pinned bowling game, laughed at skittery farm animals through a fence and avoided the long queue for all kinds of fresh-made deliciousness from Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

We made it back through the gates with only raffle tickets in hand. Now I'm just waiting for a phone call to tell me I won us two flights with Scandinavian Airlines... or the gift pack from Scania... or the voucher from Kikki K. Personally, I'd settle for some of these little lovelies.

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