Monday, November 19, 2012

12WBT 12 weeks later

Sunday marked the end of my 12 weeks on Michelle Bridges 12WBT program and the results are in.

Weight: During the official 12 week period I lost 10kg (but I throw in the extra 4 I lost in the 'pre-season' as well, which brings it up to 14kg in 16 weeks. Last week I received an email from Michelle saying I'd made it into the top 15%. It was a generic email, sure, but I felt fairly chuffed nonetheless.

Body shape: All up I carved 38cm off my body. Mostly, it seems, from my waist where I dropped 14cm.

Fitness: I missed the final two fitness tests and haven't exercised for so many weeks, so I'm really not sure where I stand on this front. I'm keen to work my way back to where I was though. I'd especially like to improve my sit and reach as my flexibility has always been the pits.

Goals: I made my week 4 goals (getting my wedding ring back on, doing a 1 minute plank and running for 10 minutes straight); I hit some of my week 8 goals (back in my pre-pregnancy jeans/pants and running for 20 minutes); I was incredibly pleased to make my most important week 12 goal, which was to buy a hot dress for Little Brother's wedding and look awesome in it. I'm going to keep working on my other 12 week goal which was to do a 5k fun-run again. Given I'm back at week 1 in terms of my fitness, I've put that back until the new year.

Where to now? Admittedly, the eating went off the rails over the last weekend - travel food, wedding food, post-wedding breakfast, more travelling food, the I-can't-be-arsed-cooking-because-we just-got-home food. But I'll reel that back in over the next few days and get back on a slightly modified track. I'm not sure I want to stick with a 1200 calorie diet over Christmas. I do want to keep it clean and healthy as much as possible but I'm not going to say no to Christmas deliciousness when we head north again in a few weeks.

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