Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Away at home

Dear Boy and I are back in Newcastle again for work and play. It's always strange coming back for short visits because it still feels like home. Even though things have changed, new buildings have arrived and the others gone, people have moved on and in, it's still a place I lived for twenty years of my life. That's a goodly portion at my age. 

So we have rolled in and out of airports, hired cars, checked into serviced apartments, met with Professors, walked along the foreshore, sat in the kitchens of my youth, met up for coffee and had trouble sleeping in unfamiliar beds. We've also had a tooth break through and a few tentative crawling 'steps'. We've had Skype chats with Lovely Husband and watched episodes of Giggle and Hoot on the laptop. And there's still a few more days left.



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