Friday, August 24, 2012

Finger food

Dear Boy has decided he's done with spoon-food. Except for a little bit of pureed fruit and natural yoghurt, he jams his lips shut at pretty much everything. Food he was eating happily and in great quantities last week, he's refusing now. But he's happily munching his way through anything he can pick up and get into his mouth before it shoots out of his grasp.

Cruskits are a winner - he sucks on them and they just seem to dissolve rather than shatter into little sharp pieces. Cruskits with cottage cheese, not such a huge success - but he loves them smeared with a tiny bit of vegemite. Happy little Australian boy - who cares if it's full of salt and may or may not contain MSG.

Watermelon was also a success. Although the pieces scooted around his tray with quite a bit of speed. He wrangled them into submission eventually, though. Very much looking forward to fresh summer fruits - watermelon in the middle of winter just seems wrong.

The drawback to finger food? Handfuls and handfuls of half chewed, smooshed and slobbered food. And finding little pieces in unexpected places - like his nose.

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