Sunday, August 26, 2012

12wbt: Unflattering photos ('Before')

I'm not going to be showing the whole photos. I just can't. At the same time that they inspire me to kick my butt into gear, they're also confronting and upsetting. It's strange going through this process because it's made me much more aware how large the blinkers I've been wearing are. I look at myself in the mirror pretty regularly - it's right next to wardrobe, I dress in front of it, I check before I leave the house to make sure I don't have stray vomit or Dear Boy's breakfast on my clothes or in my hair. But I didn't 'see' this. All that looking but no seeing.

In a side note, I think my knees look weird. Kind of like a Spartan wearing greaves, but without the actual armour. Huh.

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