Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Something New: Sitting in the Sand (go/play/freeze)

GO: Lovely Husband suggested a walk this afternoon. The BOM was forecasting sunshine and he was in the mood for an excursion to show Grandma M some of the sights... or at least to get out of the house. So we took Dear Boy down to the beach at Elwood.

PLAY:  Dear Boy had never been on the sand before. We'd dipped him in the water at Crescent Head but never ventured onto the beach itself (pram wheels and sand aren't a good combination). He ran his hands over the surface of the sand before scrunching up little handfuls. Predictably, hand made it to mouth before we could catch it. That's one compulsory baby moment done... many, many more to come.

FREEZE: We'd rugged up in coats and scarves and gloves but the wind chill down near the water was too much for the Queenslander and my tropical-hearted husband. We turned that pram around quick smart and made for the warm cafe for hot chocolate and sticky date pudding.

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