Friday, June 8, 2012

Something New: Photo book (make)

I'd had an idea in mind for a while to create a little family picture book for Dear Boy. Because we live so far away, I wanted to put together photos of all his grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins to make sure he knows their faces and that they love him to pieces.

MAKE: Lovely Husband brought home the laminator and I set to work. I'd had all the photos I wanted printed at the local photo store (although this was more trouble than I'd bargained for because facebook photos are generally too small to print and I had to go and find all the original, full-size files). I bought some coloured paper andwrote down little messages about each person. Took a few goes of the laminator to get it right (can't have back-to-back photos or it doesn't stick down) but eventually I had a little system going. Turns out laminating is awesome fun.

All it needs now is a hole-punch and a few rings to bind it together. Oh, and some photos from Lovely Husband's side of the family. Because of the facebook thing they are sadly unrepresented.

I've got an animal book in the works next. Just need to finish cutting out all the pictures.

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