Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Something New: Light in Winter Festival (See/Listen)

Dear Boy and I hopped the train and went on an afternoon adventure into the city. It was cold and wet but when new things were calling... and in the month of June, we answer.

SEE: The Light in Winter festival may not have been so impressive during the daylight hours but it was still a lovely start to the adventure. Dear Boy loved the LED poetry swirling round the spaceship installation (Close Encounters by Jordana Maisie), which seemed right at home in the weirdness of Fed Square.

We only saw a small portion of Literature versus Traffic (by Luzinterruptus), which has paved parts of the square and the city surrounds with books (all 2nd hand donations from The Salvos). Tiny LEDs prick the books and you're allowed to pick them up for reading or writing notes. The rain had made most of them soggy, though, which kept most people from touching including me. Wet paper is not a favourite of mine but I could have browsed over this small patch for a while.

 LISTEN: The main reason we went while it was still light (besides the need to be home for bath and bed not long after sundown) was to go and listen to the Choir of Hope and Inspiration (formerly known as the Choir of Hard Knocks) who were doing a free concert around the Festival's campfire. Led by Jonathon Welch, it's a choir for people who were/are experiencing homelessness or disadvantage of one kind or another. It was raining and they sang quite a few songs about the sun shining until it did. Commuters passed by and some stopped; school-uniformed teens wandered in and mumbled; tourists sang along and snapped pictures; Dear Boy slept through the first half then squinted into the cold sunshine and smiled at the sounds. We sang along to tunes like 'Amazing Grace', 'Blowin' in the Wind', 'King of the Road', 'You Are My Sunshine', 'Lean on Me', 'I Can See Clearly'... and mumbled all the but the chorus on a few others. 

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