Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Something New: Enrolling in Day Care (press nose against the glass)

PRESS NOSE AGAINST THE GLASS: Lovely Husband and I took Dear Boy for his induction today, laying him down on a playmat in his 'nursery' room and introducing him to the ladies who'll be his caregivers, his part-time me, two days a week. After we chatted with his main carer, R, for a while, Lovely Husband and I left them to it and went to fill in the mountain of forms that go with enrolling the boy in day care.

We walked past the glass-window several times and R was handing him toys, talking with him, tickling his belly and making him smile. He seemed okay, loving the new toys and the awesome pink net covering the ceiling and sprinkled with confetti. So I felt okay. I think we'll both be okay.

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