Sunday, June 3, 2012

Something New: concussion (do)

This is not a 'something new' I'd like to celebrate. I would have much rather do something lovely with my boy. Instead, we took a trip to an after hours clinic to have him checked for a brain injury. Swell. Literally.

DO (more appropriately DO NOT): After flinging his body backwards and smashing his head on the floor, Dear Boy was not a happy camper; his mama, even less so. He seemed okay, apart from the screaming, crying and whimpering, but we felt it was a case of better safe than sorry when it comes to bumping his head that hard. My 'something new' to do was monitoring my boy to make sure his little brain wasn't swelling inside his little skull. This included waking him up every 15 minutes and, I swear, by the third time I woke him, he looked like he wanted to punch me.

Let's not do this again.

P.S. He's all good now; no sign of anything nasty.

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