Friday, June 1, 2012

Something new - Bizzarri Dolci (go/eat)

Day one of my 'Something New' goal and I thought I'd start with something tasty.

GO - We've lived near-ish the Bizzarri Dolci kitchen for almost two years but I've never been. I've also seen their biscuits in various stores around town and been oh-so-tempted but never tried them. So I bundled up Dear Boy in his stroller and we perambulated our way through the sunshine to this tiny, glorious kitchen/cafe. Cafe is perhaps too strong a word for it - there are only four small tables - but they made me the best damn decaf coffee I've ever had (plenty of people make great coffee but rarely do they ever bother to make a good decaf). The kitchen is open to the world and on the stainless steel tables today was a small mountain of almond and apricot bread. Racks upon racks of these thin crunchy bikkies were cooling. The smell and the temptation to go and crunch my hand down on their perfection was distracting.

EAT - I stood for a long while trying to decide just which packet of deliciousness I was going to bring home. The almond bread was easy after seeing it freshly made; the dark chocolate covered oranges won out over the Langue de Chat but I think I'll be going back for those soon. I cracked both open after Dear Boy was down for a nap and they're lovely. The dehydrated orange is so subtle and not at all bitter or pithy. Of course, most things are lovely when they're dipped in dark chocolate.

EAT - Dear Boy also ate something new today - his first taste of avocado, out in the backyard, lounging in the winter sun, underneath the gently swaying clothes on the washing line. I'm not sure how I feel about this one: I love that he'll eat avocado but I'm a little bummed I might have to share mine from now on.

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