Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Songs on a Sunday Morning (391-400)

As part of my ongoing effort to improve the range of my cultural consumption, I'm casting out for new things to listen to. Part one and an explanation of this musical escapade can be found here. You'll need to search for the rest yourselves.

Dear Boy and I were watching Rage again.

391. Missy Higgins - 'Unashamed Desire' - Loved her old stuff... not as sure of this one (or her new blonde hair).
392. Skipping Girl Vinegar - 'Chase the Sun' - Love this filmclip - great concept - but it distracts from the song. Can't actually remember what it sounds like.
393. Simone Felice - 'You and I Belong' - lovely cheery song.
394. Tune Yards - 'My Country' - seems complex and simple at the same time. Catchy but not. Like it.
395. The Shins - 'The Rifle's Spiral'.
396. The Kooks - 'How'd You Like That'.
397. The Cadres - 'Tonight'. 
398. Dent May - 'Best Friend'.
399. Blood Orange - 'Champagne Coast' - eh. Bit of a nothing 80s flavoured tune. 
400. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - 'Third Swan'. Love this voice.

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