Friday, May 11, 2012

Triumphs and rookie mistakes

Hooray for:

  • Dear Boy surviving his first cold with a minimum of fuss and panadol (although rock on, Fess Little Noses - I love you!)
  • Introducing solids and actually getting Dear Boy to ingest some rather than just smear them around
  • Meeting a great group of other mums and actually making new adult friends
  • Convincing Lovely Husband to go along to a one-off dads group and him not hating it
Boo to:
  • Lovely Husband giving Dear Boy a cold and then me catching it from him
  • Losing my patience with Dear Boy when his cold had him up every hour for a few nights 
  • The comedy of errors after changing Dear Boy's nappy last night with him managing to pee into a bag of fresh nappies underneath the change table

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