Monday, May 28, 2012

Triumphs and Rookie Mistakes

Triumphs include:
  • The very next day after I was feeling a little anxious that Dear Boy hadn't yet rolled (accidently or without the help of gravity), he started rolling from front to back. Tummy-time just became all that much harder because he won't stay there but it's glorious to see him flip over.
  • Mastering the eating thing and, after pulling funny faces and grimacing at the first taste, welcoming each new food. 
Rookie mistakes include:
  • Forgetting to change Dear Boy before heading out on the town and not realising that Lovely Husband hadn't changed him after his last sleep, so a full nappy with the frills tucked in leaked all over his little pants. 
  • Not realising Dear Boy's nappy had leaked all over his little pants and that his squidging and squealing wasn't just him being 'bad'.
  • Discovering a stray dummy buried underneath Dear Boy's pram sleeping bag and that all his squidging and squealing wasn't just him being 'bad'. 
  • Finally realising that introducing the dummy in the first place was a big, big mistake. Dear Boy's decided that it's the only way to fall asleep. Taking the easy way out back then is stealing my sleep now.

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