Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Little Loves

Inspired by Inked in Colour's post on their 'Little Loves', the things that have kept their little family sane and smiling, I'm posting our favourites for the week.

Dear Boy's favourites:

His first cold has hit him hard, snuffling and wheezing and generally feeling pretty grumpy. The Little Noses saline spray helps clear his sinuses so he can breathe while he feeds; the Euky Bearub is a little bit of comfort before he falls asleep; the digital thermometer is a godsend, only taking two seconds in the ear - it's been good for telling us when Dear Boy's fever is high enough for Panadol. Don't like overloading his little liver more than I have to.

We love all Sandra Boynton's books but this is the star this week. The angry duck cracks me up and the 'sweetly amused' pig and 'completely confused' cow make Dear Boy smile. The linking rings have been very handy as a toy on their own and to help connect other toys to the old playgym frame. Dear Boy loves gumming on the different textures.

For the mama:

Dear Boy was kind enough to share his cold. Although I'm also doped up on a variety of cold & flu meds to help me soldier on, these are what's offering the real comfort.

Right when the cold and lack of sleep were getting me down, this arrived in the mailbox. The sabzi korma and garlic naan hit the spot. And probably helped the cold as well.

When Dear Boy's asleep, I've been rugging myself up on the couch and hand-stitching some pattern-free and consequently imperfect and generally lopsided toys. Lovely Husband has been complaining that I've stolen his hair scissors but they work best on the fabric.

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