Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Goodbye comfort and discomfort

The small pile of maternity clothes sitting on my bed is making me feel a little sad. It's time to pass them on, to pack them into a garbage bag and stuff them into a charity bin. It doesn't happen very often for me, but I'll miss these clothes. I was growing ever more uncomfortable the bigger I got; I couldn't stand or sit for very long, my hips ached, my feet were swollen and I was sweating my way through the summer months but these clothes gave me comfort. I do miss being pregnant, not the painful, aching parts, but being made to feel special even by strangers who would treat me like a thing to be cherished. That feeling and these clothes go hand in hand.

So goodbye wireless Bonds bras: I gave up my underwire reluctantly but you made the transition so much easier.

Goodbye Pumpkin Patch maternity skirt: you cradled my ever growing bump without ever digging in or pinching.

Goodbye Big W maternity t-shirts with your awesome gathered elastic sides: you came along late in the game but you were a wonder.

Goodbye Target maternity trousers: you were my work workhorse and never let me down (or my buttcrack show).

I hope another rounded lady appreciates you as much as I did.

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