Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Triumphs and rookie mistakes

We've just had several weeks away so this post is a round up of all the triumphs and rookie mistakes from our trip.

The rookie mistakes:
  • Feeling incredibly stressed about the flight beforehand and being overly concerned about what everyone might think if he started crying or screaming.
  • Forgetting the Baby Bjorn in our stressed out rush and having to carry Dear Boy for over two hours after checking in the pram
  • Mistiming his feeds, so he was starving hungry half an hour before the flight and hardly hungry at all once we were taking off.
  • Forgetting the spare battery for the camera so we only had pictures of half the trip.
  • Forgetting the window shades for the borrowed car.
  • Trusting the Bureau of Meterology to give us an accurate forecast and packing all the wrong clothes. 
  • Overpacking. I have a classic case of 'just-in-case'.
  • Letting my sister give me too much stuff to haul up and down the coast.
  • Heading into the closest town for groceries and forgetting Dear Boy's bottle and formula. He was due for a feed and starting to howl so I made a mad dash to the supermarket and bought a brand new bottle and a carton of pre-made formula (not his normal brand). We then hightailed it to a cafe where I ordered a pot of boiling water and used that to give at least a token gesture at sterilising the bottle. He seemed hapy enough and didn't have any detrimental side-effects from the change in milk.
  • Leaving a trail of used bottles up and down the coast and having to backtrack and reclaim them.
  • Buying too many baby things at the stores we don't have at home. Even though I dropped off plenty at Mum's, my suitcase was still kilos heavier on the return trip.
  • Trying to have an adult evening at a friend's house, coinciding with Dear Boy's normal bed time. He hit the wall hard and screamed all the way home. The glass of champagne and the cheese were great but not nearly worth it to have to deal with the distressed boy.
  • Staying up late to chat instead of getting some sleep. Dear Boy's sleep patterns were all over the place as we shifted from place to place and was waking once or twice during the night. Sometimes there was a very tired mummy handing the baby over in the morning.
  • Forgetting where we left the car in the long term car park and spending an extra half an hour trying to find it.

The triumphs:
  • It could have gone so wrong but Dear Boy was a champion traveller. We forgot the Baby Bjorn, but he was happy to sleep in my arms while we were waiting at the departure gate. He wasn't hungry on takeoff but was happy to take the dummy. He then fell asleep as we were landing. Not a single grizzle or shriek for the whole flight. Our fellow passengers were breathing a sigh of relief.
  • Taking a chance and asking the lovely Jetstar personnel if we could have the empty seat next to us blocked even though we didn't pay for it. That gave us half an hour on both flights where Dear Boy could lay down and kick around.
  • Letting my sister convince me to borrow most baby gear so we didn't have to worry about lugging it all from home.
  • Dear Boy being happy to meet dozens of new people. I think many of them fell in love with him.
  • Surviving a week and a half as a 'single parent' after Lovely Husband came home for work.
  • Even though Dear Boy was waking once or twice during the night after we'd been enjoying him sleeping through before we came away, I think he did remarkably well sleeping in the porta-cot in so many different rooms. He was still fairly easy to settle, with only a few 'moments'.

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