Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dear Boy (15 weeks)

My Dear Boy,

You are 15 weeks old and you're starting to come into your own. Your neck is strong (if a little schmutzy in those little creases); your legs are constantly kicking and trying to stand; your fingers are always in your mouth; your grip is strong and you will happily hold onto toys if we put them in your hands; your little tongue pokes out when you concentrate on smacking at your toys; you are spending (slightly) longer on your belly; your dark, dark eyes are lovely; and you are so happy when you wake up in the morning.

Your are slowly getting more hair and you are growing out of your clothes as fast as I can buy them. Your nails also grow very fast and you keep scratching your lovely face, often waking yourself up (and us) when you draw blood. You are so easy to settle to sleep (knock on wood), although you still just cat-nap during the day. You've just started sleeping with the coloured cloth nappies we use to mop up spills - if we put it next to your head, you grip onto it hard, bury your little face in the fabric and are asleep within seconds. Not sure how I feel about that yet - the SIDs guidelines keep screaming round my brain but you're obviously comforted by it.

Your favourite things are my old wooden rattle, which you're getting into your mouth more often than not as well as Uncle I's black, white and red jingly ball. You love to be pulled up to a sitting position and then onto your feet and you are starting to expect the kisses we give you when you reach the top. You are still a happy munchkin in the bath, and basically any time you can be nude and kick around.

For most of your waking hours, you are sweetness and light.


Your Mum.

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